Saturday, June 10, 2006

Ball Pumping!

Welcome to the disgusting world of BALL PUMPING!!!

Ball Pumping is the practice of enlarging the testes via different methods. After a little research (and loss of appetite), I discovered that the process is relatively safe if executed correctly. Ball Pumping has a very devoted following. The lengths Pumpers will go to are rigorous.

Ball Pumpers use the internet to organise their Pumping Parties and to document their progress. Many have Pumping Buddies. It seems to me that exhibitionism is a vital part of the Pumping mindset.

Pumping ain't just for the balls. Many pump their cocks too. Vacuum Pumping seems to be the most common method of Pumping.

The testes will grow to about twice their size within a year as a result of a strict regime of Vacuum Pumping. The balls immediately swell with Vacuum Pumping, but return to almost their original size shortly after. The other, more frightening method, is actually injecting saline into the scrotum and penis.

Vacuum Pumping actually enlarges the testes and not the scrotum, whereas, I assume, injections increase the nut sack and not the balls.

The following is a testimonial of a Ball Pumper:

Got very big this weekend.....always good to have an old pump buddy over. He made these pix, me walking to the attic. Will be the last time as i am going to move. Howmany times i walked up idea.. New flat no stairs at all. Hope u all like.

There are some pumping celebs too. Tiger has a pretty graphic photo gallery. This forum is also very informative.

Ball Pumping verdict: Taut, but definitely not Hot!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your problem, my sac is full and round now as well and I love to fondle my tennisballs enlarged by vac :)

5:36 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am just about to pump my cock but I want t get balls like a pair of water melons - just how do I do it

5:49 AM  
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